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Imagine what would happen if an AED malfunctioned at the critical moment? This could happen for any number of reasons—software problems, battery malfunctions, and other defects. But with the PlusTrac™ AED Program Management System—a resilient interactive, web-based platform—you can cost-effectively and reliably manage and maintain your AEDs with these PlusTrac™ management programs.








AEDs, once installed, can go unused for months or even years, which is why many agencies require routine inspection of AED devices. PlusTrac™ has built-in email alerts and notifications sent 90/60/30 days prior to an expiration of pads, batteries, and responders, so you can be sure your AED is ready to be used in an emergency.


Can you state with certainty the current status of all of your AEDs? We offer real-time reporting from your PlusTrac™ dashboard so you can access quick updates on your program compliance. With a large selection of customizable reports available for download or scheduled for automatic delivery, you are always up to date on the status of your AED program.

Medical direction

AEDs are medical devices intended for use by non-medical professionals. As such, there is some concern around their proper use in an emergency. PlusTrac™ provides training to make sure you are ready to respond in the best way possible in the event of SCA; and we assist with post-use reporting. PlusTrac™ also provides you with a doctor to oversee usage of your AEDs—another program requirement.

Agency notification

What happens when you call 911 to a cardiac arrest emergency? Would they know that you have an AED and where it’s kept? PlusTrac™ takes the guesswork out of SCA emergency responses by providing your local EMS agencies with information about your AEDs so they are able to manage a rescue properly.

Compliance documentation

Unfortunately, the use of an AED does not guarantee a patient’s survival. In fact, it is necessary to administer a shock to a patient in only 50% of cardiac arrest emergencies. Being able to produce documentation that proves you did everything you could for the patient, will ensure your protection under Good Samaritan laws.

Dynamic reviews

Volunteer responders come and go, certifications expire, and laws change. AED programs have many moving parts that from time-to-time need to be reviewed and evaluated. If you choose to have a dedicated account manager, he or she will schedule routine audits and notify you of any changes affecting your program.

Customer support

At some point in the life of your AED you will need help—this might be advice about the use or replacement of an AED, or what to do in the event of a recall. Why not rely on a PlusTrac™ expert for ongoing support of youAED program?

Data entry / batch

Whether you have a single AED or hundreds distributed throughout your organization, there is a large amount of information that has to be entered and tracked in order to properly maintain your program. PlusTrac™ makes entering and updating this data as easy as possible—from a step-by-step registration wizard to our one-click data upload. We make sure your data is accurate, validated, securely transmitted, and stored, using our state-of-the-art software.

FDA / manufacturer recall alerts

Every few years, CPR guidelines and the use of AEDs are reviewed as the FDA takes into account the scientific and technological advancements around the treatment of SCA. This means that most AEDs on the market today have experienced some form of update, recall, or corrective action. It is important to keep your equipment up to date with the most recent guidelines. PlusTrac™ will help you do this.

Post-event support

SCA is a traumatic experience and it’s our hope that your AED never has to be used. But we know that AED programs are about people and, as such, SCA events are accompanied by strong emotions that will need to be dealt with at the time of the event and after. As a company that serves more AED program customers worldwide than any other, we know what to expect and how to help. PlusTrac™ post-event services take care of your AED equipment as well as reporting so you can focus on what matters most—the people involved in an SCA event.

PlusTrac™ AED Maintenance Program

The PlusTrac™ AED maintenance program ensures that when time is critical, your AEDs and the people responsible for them are ready to save a life. These are the main program features you can expect from your PlusTrac™ AED maintenance program through readiness, compliance, and support phases. You might need all, part, or a combination of these features—the choice is yours.